DAY 13: No time to relax…well maybe a little

Brasco LoungeLess than two weeks into my short story and I’ve just finished the section where Elle comes face to face with the past.  She’s already uncovered some secrets but there’s a heart wrenching discovery that she isn’t prepared for and I’ve set the scene for this in a restaurant close to the Albert Dock in Liverpool.  It’s called the Brasco Lounge and is on the ground level of one of the new apartment blocks at the waterfront close to the Museum of Liverpool…and it just so happens to be around the corner from my office.  This photo was taken in there the other week…maybe I should have moved all of those wine bottles out of the way before I took the picture!

But there’s no time to relax this weekend, I’m at 16k words already and the end is in sight.  I’m having sleepless nights working out how those final scenes should play out and wondering Elle should be reacting to everything she’s discovering.  I knew before I started what I wanted to happen to my heroine but now I’m getting to know her, I have to think about what feels natural and I’m already revisiting those preconceived ideas so I can come up with a satisfying ending, not only for the reader but for Elle too.

What happened next

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