DAY 9: Half way there already!

I’ve managed 10,000 words so far which is half way through my targetted word count even though I’m still working on the fourth section of the eight I’d split the story into.  I’m not too worried though because I know the final section is relatively short and I’m happy with the pace so far.

A new character has appeared (as planned I should add).  Angie is Elle’s best friend and has recently separated from her husband Chris, who just so happens to be a work colleague of Rick’s. Part of my story revolves around the changing relationships between the two couples and is adding to the shifting foundations of Elle’s marriage.  Next on my to do list will be the introduction of Corrine but I don’t think I can even say who she is or how she fits in without giving too much away.  It’s only a short story after all and if I explain too much here then what’s the point in reading it??

But it’s not only in this blog that I have to work out how much to reveal, that same concern is a feature of my writing at the moment.  I’m deliberating over what pieces of the puzzle should be revealed and when.  I’ve already decided that some of the conversation between Elle and Charlie in the earlier sections are giving away too much so I’ve made a note and when it comes to the second draft, I’ll have to remove some references.

I took time out yesterday to go to the cinema but it’s hard to completely put the story out of my mind at the moment.  We had gone to see a 3D movie and I was sitting there thinking about what I was going to write next when my daughter nudged me.  The film had started and everyone except me had put their 3D glasses on.  I hadn’t even noticed the blurry screen!

And as for what is preoccupying me, it was the conversation that will happen between Elle and Corrine.  Now that’s going to be interesting…

What happened next

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