If you’ve read about how I became a published author, you’ll know it all really began when I turned to writing during my son’s illness and then after he died. Poetry was the perfect way for me to explore and understand my feelings during such a difficult time and I’m sharing a selection of them in the hope that others might be able to relate to them too.

The following poems are concentrated on the themes of bereavement and caring for a seriously ill child and, along with the books I publish, are Nathan’s legacy.

Amanda Brooke, Another Way to Fall, Yesterday's Sun

A Golden Thread

I continue to feel connected to my son and know I always will.

A Lifetime

The best thing I could do for my son was to give him a ‘normal’ life, all the while knowing I might lose him one day.

Amanda Brooke, Another Way to Fall, Yesterday's Sun

Where Ocean Meets the Sky

Bereavement can sometimes feel like drowning and this poem was my attempt to describe those raw emotions immediately after losing my son.

Speak His Name

This was my way of explaining how difficult it is at times for a bereaved parent to be able to talk about their child.

The Hardest Lesson

I wrote this to explain the incredible influence my son had on me while he fought his illness.

A Path Less Travelled

Describing how life changed when my son became ill and how he gave me the strength to go on.

Mummy and Me

Despite the complex issues of caring for a sick child, the most important thing was simply being a mum.

Sensing You

Describes the rawness of my grief after losing Nathan.

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