Mummy and Me

I watch you sleeping
And you slumber in peace
You have no awareness
Of your evil disease

You sleep like a baby
For that’s what you are
Don’t fret about blood counts
You’re my little star

But I know of the horror
That lurks out of sight
I know what’s coming
That it’s you who must fight

And then I get angry
Because I can’t protect you
I can’t stop your body
From working against you

I can’t stop the cancer
That’s invading your bones
I can’t fight it for you
You must fight it alone

But you’re just a baby
And life’s really not fair
We should be laughing and playing
Without so much as a care

I can’t stop the disease
That’s taking you away
I can’t stop the despair
That I feel every day

But each day must count
Because they’re precious and few
Sacred memories to keep
Of me, complete with you

Each day I must smile
Because that’s what you see
Not the disease
Just, ‘mummy and me.’

by Amanda Brooke

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