The Hardest Lesson

Did you bring this sadness with you
For I can’t see it in your eyes
Did you know you would bring such sorrow
At the thought of your goodbyes

Did you plan to teach me lessons
Of how to treasure each breath you take
Did you think I needed teaching
That a heart was filled to break

Did you understand my needs
When I thought that I knew best
Did you think I took life for granted
Did you want to put me to this test

Did you know the day I realised
That life wasn’t handed on a plate
The day we found your cancer
The day I learned of your cruel fate

Now I know that life’s not easy
Now I know that life’s not fair
But you still go on teaching me
To fight with courage against despair

Like David against Goliath
You still fight back with a smile
A smile you then pass on to me
And we are happy for a while

Did you know that you are the best
The best thing that ever happened to me
Did you know I’m not the same
Not the person I used to be

by Amanda Brooke

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