Amanda BrookeOn the following pages you’ll find more information about all the books I’ve published. If you want to know what’s coming up next then check out my blog on this site or follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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The Wife Next Door

Jane doesn’t know her neighbours very well. She thought they were nice until she heard their explosive rows. And now there’s a grave-shaped hole in their garden…

A Good Liar

A year after a fire destroys the Empress theatre, the fight for justice continues, but some would prefer the truth to remain buried with the victims.

The Bad Mother

Motherhood can be a life-affirming experience but for Lucy, nothing comes naturally. She can’t trust herself with her baby and there’s good reason she thinks she’s a bad mother.

The Affair

One of my toughest novels to write so far, The Affair is about fifteen year old Scarlett’s first relationship. She describes it as a love affair, her mum, Nina calls it abuse.

The Goodbye Gift

The Goodbye Gift

The Goodbye Gift is the first novel I’ve written where I didn’t know how it would end. I knew at the outset that one of my characters would be an organ donor but I had to write their stories as if one of their lives wasn’t about to end…

The Child’s Secret

The Child’s Secret (2016) – A girl is missing… Her parents are hiding something… Who pays the price?

The Missing Husband

The Missing Husband (2015) – What if you were pregnant and your husband disappeared one day? And what if you had a secret that might have driven him away?

Where I Found You

Where I Found You (2014) – A chance meeting on the park bench offers both Maggie and Elsa a lifeline and a friend. As they reveal their hopes and heartaches, can they see themselves – and each other – clearly enough to help, before it’s too late?

Another Way to Fall

Another Way to Fall (2013) – When Emma realises that she won’t now have time to achieve the things she dreamed of, she decides to write her perfect life in a story.

Yesterday’s Sun

Yesterday’s Sun (Richard and Judy Book Club 2012) – How could you ever choose between your own life and the life of your child?


If you fancy a quick read then take a look at these short stories which are about 100 pages long and available as e-books.

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