DAY 15: Knowing when it’s the end

I’ve only gone and done it!  I’ve just finished the first draft of my very first short story and I’m as pleased as punch.  I had a bit of a debate with myself about where to end the story and maybe this is going to be something I’ll pick up with my editor, Kim.  It’s not that I didn’t know how to end it, it’s just a matter of deciding how much of Elle’s story is left for the reader to decide for themselves and how much I describe what I think would have happened next.

As it stands, I’ve included a final chapter which is essentially an epilogue.  Although it doesn’t tie up all of the loose ends, it does point the reader in the right direction.   The question is; does it need to be there?  I could just as easily have left the story at the climax which was when…hmm…so hard to write about my deliberations without giving away too much so I’d better leave it there.  Enough said!

What happened next

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