DAY 3: I have pages…with words on them!

Remember all of those empty pages?  Well not any more.  I’m now on day three and I’ve already completed nine pages.

As I mentioned, I’ve broken the story up into eight sections, allowing 2000 words per section which gives me a little bit of wriggle room if I need to extend some sections.  Amazingly I’m on track and have finished the first section.  The hardest thing has been to switch my mind from the characters in my third book (which was originally The Bench but now has a more imaginative working title of The Lonely Swan).  In The Lonely Swan, my main character Maggie is blind so I’ve spent months describing surroundings and situations in a completely different way, concentrating on sounds and smells rather than visual descriptions.  It’s a hard habit to break but the more I’m writing, the more I feel like I’m getting under Elle’s skin.

I can’t wait to carry on with the story but tomorrow there will be no time to write as I’m at the Albert Dock in Liverpool for an author event with Jane Costello and Erica James (Blue Bar 6pm – 8pm).  Drop in and say hello if you’re nearby!

What happened next

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