DAY 1: Pencils at the ready!

My short story is still in the ‘planning phase,’ but not for much longer.  I have the synopsis I sketched out a while ago and I’ve now split it into eight sections.  That way I have a bit more of an idea of how to pace the story…it’s not a full length novel I keep telling myself!  One of the hardest decisions I find at the start of writing a new project is picking names for my characters.  I always seem to fall into the trap of plucking them out of thin air, thinking that I’ll revisit them later on only to find that I’ve become so attached to the character that I couldn’t possibly consider rechristening them.  I have a feeling I’ve fallen into that same trap again…

Along with names for my characters, I’ve been trying to picture them in my head and I’ve listened in on little snatches of their conversations.  There’s Elle who is thirty five and married to Rick and they have a six year old son called Charlie.  So far it’s the conversations with Elle and Charlie that are capturing my imagination so that’s where I’m going to start the story.  I already know how I want the very first scene to play out and what they’ll say to each other.  Now I just need to start writing before I forget everything!

By my estimation, if I’m aiming for a story length of 20,000 words then that’s 80 pages…80 so far blank pages.  Gulp!

Well they’re not getting filled while I’m messing about with this blog, are they?  Bye for now!

What happened next…

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