The Wishing Tree

The Wishing Tree was the working title for my fifth novel The Child’s Secret which is due out in January 2016. It was the perfect name for the book at the time because it was the tree and not the child that I had the clearest image of first, which is hardly surprising given that the tree actually exists.

The Allerton Oak is the oldest tree in Calderstones Park and only a couple of miles from where I live. It’s thought to be a thousand years old and it certainly looks it. The massive trunk has been torn in two and its heavy boughs are held up with metal props, but whenever I stand in front of it, I don’t see it’s gaping wounds. I feel it’s energy and it wasn’t such a huge stretch of the imagination to believe that my favourite tree could have magical powers.

I visited the tree many times while writing The Child’s Secret and I photographed it all through the seasons. I’ve put those photos together to make a very rough and ready time lapse video which you can see here on YouTube.

You’ll have to read the book to see how a little girl called Jasmine came to believe in its magic powers too, but if you’re ever in Liverpool, don’t forget to visit the Wishing Tree and make a wish.

8 thoughts on “The Wishing Tree

  1. Wonderful Amanda, That is a mighty impressive and magical looking tree. You can just imagine all the wishes wished and dreams dreamt under that tree. So looking forward to reading The Child’s Secret. Thank you for sharing those stunning photos. Have a wonderfully special November.
    Wishing you and yours all the best, Carla xxx

    • Thank you Carla, I really do love that tree and the Child’s Secret wouldn’t be the same without it. Hope you enjoy it and in the meantime have a wonderful Christmas x

  2. Amanda can you explaine the end of Yesterdays Sun to me what is going to happen on Libbys 5th Birthday?

      Hi Annette

      Jocelyn used the moondial one last time to make sure that the actions she was about to take would save her friend and the baby. The moondial had taken her into the future, to Libby’s fifth birthday where she meets Holly. Jocelyn is just letting Holly know in her letter that they get a chance to say goodbye at this point in the future, under the full moon.

      I hope that explains it for you 🙂

      Amanda x

    • Hi Sue

      Thanks for getting in touch and I’m glad you enjoyed The Child’s Secret!

      Many of my books are set in Liverpool but not all of them. The ones that have been set here so far are Another Way to Fall, The Missing Husband and my next novel The Goodbye Gift which is out in August.

      Amanda x

  3. Hi Amanda, I have just finished reading The Childs Secret, and was so engrossed in it I couldn’t put it down until I had read it all. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The one thing I wanted to ask is this, Do you think at some point in the future you could perhaps tell the full story of Selina, she seems a great character and I think her story would be a real page turner. My best wishes to you.

    • Hi Chris, thanks so much for letting me know how much you enjoyed it, it’s always lovely to hear.

      So far I’ve not written a sequel or prequel to any of my books and I’m afraid nothing is planned, although you have given me an idea. Maybe one day!

      Very best wishes, Amanda x

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