Where to begin?

So I decide to start a blog and then what happens?  I spend days wondering what on earth it is I’m supposed to write…and that got me thinking…

In the run up to the publication of my first book I was regularly asked what made me start to write and the answer was quite simple.  Nathan.  He was the reason and if you read the author note in Yesterday’s Sun or some of the articles I’ve linked to this blog then you’ll understand why.  What I’ve never been asked however, is why hadn’t I written before then.  Why had I waited until I was  hmm…let me work this out…forty one before even attempting to tackle a full length manuscript?

To be honest, I don’t know the answer but I’m guessing it’s the same reason I stalled when I first attempted this blog and it’s probably the same reason many, many people toy with the idea of writing a book but never quite get around to it.  Perhaps it was fear or a lack of self-belief.  Maybe it was a reluctance to commit so much time and effort…it’s certainly a daunting prospect to stare at all of those blank pages waiting to be filled.

But in amongst all of that there was another reason.  I had once watched an interview with a successful author, I can’t remember who and I can’t remember when but I do remember what he said.  He was talking about all the countless people who came up to him and told him how they wanted to be a writer and asked him for any tips.  His reply was quite brutal.  He told them that if they had really wanted to be writers then they would have done something about it already, they wouldn’t have been able to stop themselves.  For me it conjured up this idea that authors were born not made and so I suppose it gave me the excuse to stop trying.

It wasn’t until I found myself at a point in my life where I knew I had that overwhelming desire to write that I realised there was perhaps some truth in what that author had said.  But what he’d failed to recognise was that people sometimes change, life can do that to you and when it does then maybe that’s the catalyst that turns those who ponder into those who write.

It’s just a shame I took my time starting this blog.  So much has happened in the last eighteen months!  Everything from getting the first publishing deal, hearing the news that Yesterday’ Sun had been selected for the Richard and Judy Book Club to getting that second deal and so much more in between.  So as well as the (hopefully) regular updates on where my fledging career is taking me I’m going to try to throw in the odd blog to bring together the edited highlights I’ve missed so far.

Phew!  So there it is, my first blog and I’ve made the commitment to write some more so please, please watch this space!!


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